Friday, March 1, 2013

Offspring Jam

Offspring Jam

Objective: Create the offspring of two existing superheroes/comic book characters.

Xorn/ Joseph Monroe: Son of Ororo Monroe (Storm) and Joseph (Magneto clone, now deceased). Possesses the ability to manipulate electro magnetic fields including magnetism, summoning lightning, and creating e.m.p. (electro magnetic pulse)  fields and bursts.


  1. An interesting mix man, with a nice power assortment! There's a really good use of space in this piece and the mask detail is sick! The only real critique I have is that the body looks just a tad crunched up and out of perspective, which is really tough to nail! Using some gray tones and playing with line weights some more would really bring out the costume and anatomy too, but that's just wish list stuff. Love the snide look on his face and the Sentinel head man! Keep rockin it!

    1. Thanks man. I love character concepts and creating back history, etc. But yeah foreshortening is definitely something I'm still working on. Thanks again for the critique/suggestions. Appreciated.